How To Tell If A Silver Jewelry Is Made Of Real Silver?


Thinking about buying some stunning silver items? This guide will help you ascertain whether you’ve found the real deal on the market.  

At Jcunicorn we take pride in only offering the finest silver products to our customers. However, it’s important to be aware that the same can’t be said for all sellers. If you are hunting down silver items from private sellers, then there’s the possibility that you could accidentally purchase silver plated products at a price point of sterling silver. 

Similarly, some sellers don’t realize that they own real silver items. So, if you understand the signs of a true piece of silver, you have a great chance to claim a piece for a fraction of what it’s worth. 

Is It Magnetic? 

One of the tests recommended by experts is the magnet check. Silver isn’t magnetic so if it's in the presence of a magnet a true piece of silver won’t gravitate towards it. Instead, it will remain stubbornly still. If it does move, then there’s a strong chance it is only silver plated and there’s another metal at the core. 

Do note that there are various other metals that aren’t magnetic which can be changed to resemble a silver item. So, this can’t be considered a conclusive test. 


If by chance you have some nitric acid lying around, then you can place a tiny drop of this on the item that you think is silver. If it is pure silver then nothing will happen. However, if there’s another metal present, the part hit by the acid will turn as green as the Wicked Witch. We wouldn’t recommend you try this option in a jewelry store but you can always give it a try at home if you have a science set lying around. 

Rub It Away

Do you have a silver cloth available? Silver cloths can be used to remove tarnish. When rubbed across silver that has been tarnished and looks discolored, the cloth will go black. If this doesn’t happen, then the item you’re rubbing down isn’t real silver at all. You can take your silver cloth with you when you go jewelry shopping for older pieces to complete this test. 


Typically, sterling silver will be marked as such with a number that represents the level of purity. You might be able to spot a marking like this on a piece you have purchased. As with other tests, this won’t guarantee you’re looking at a genuine piece of silver. Pieces can have marks added to fool buyers and replicate the stamp used for sterling silver. 

Do note that if you’re buying silver in the US then genuine silver items should always have a marking somewhere on it. Selling silver without this market is illegal. 

As Cold As Ice 

If you have jewelry at home and you want to know whether it’s silver or not, then you can complete an ice test. Just drop your piece in a glass of ice water and check how fast the ice melts. If it’s real silver, then the ice should melt incredibly quickly and if it’s another metal then it’s going to take a little longer. 


If you have a piece that you know isn’t silver you can check the weight with a piece that you’re curious about. Silver is a heavy material and will weigh more than other items that are masquerading as the precious, timeless metal. 

You can also think about giving it a sniff. Silver doesn’t have a scent but other metals used to imitate it do. However, you’ll have to have a fantastic sense of smell to pick up the differences that might be present here. 

Head To A Jeweler 

Finally, if none of these possibilities are appealing to you, then you can just take your item to a jeweler. They will check it out for you and ensure that you are buying a genuine article and not a sham. This is probably the most accurate way to check whether your item is silver. 

Now you know some of the key signs of a real piece of silver you won’t be caught out on the market. You also will never accidentally sell a piece of silver you own for less than it’s worth. Of course, if you want to guarantee with absolute certainty, you’re buying a true piece of sterling silver, just take a look at our store. We have countless pieces perfect for every preference. 

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