Jc&unicorn is a New York jewelry brand founded in 2020, we focus on the life and fashion demands of the young generation, in our brand proposition, youth, freedom, and simplicity are our spiritual pillars. We are different from other luxury brands because we advocate for the integration of beauty into a simpler personality. We promote youthful vitality and a return to nature so that our brand is divorced from the impression of posturing and vanity so that young people can get to their purest viewpoint. From time to time, we launch jewelry for young people, which has a more youthful personality and vitality, and we hope to integrate the brand's youthfulness, vitality, freedom, and simplicity into all our products, to protect the original intention of our brand.

Our Mission

Our founder, Mr. Shen, is a strong guardian of minimalism, he knows that everyone has their own small world, where they can get pleasure and relaxation. He hopes that our products also help young people to find that same pleasure and relaxation. Although not easy, under his insistence, our brand has been growing, to ensure that we look out for young people's pleasure and fashion aspirations to provide them with a constant source of power. We look forward to more and more people joining us because we know that as long as we stick to our original purpose, we will get more and more people's recognition and support.

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