Everything you need to know about choosing silver jewelry.


One way to communicate your personal style and taste and embellish your look or outfit is through jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry in particular is an excellent choice and will enhance and complete your appearance each day when you put it on.

The challenging part about jewelry is that there are many options and styles out there to choose from when it comes to sterling silver pieces. Therefore, you should take the time to review the details around everything you need to know about choosing sterling silver jewelry and how Jc&unicorn can support you in your journey to choosing the right embellishments.

Reasons to Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry

One reason you want to choose sterling silver jewelry is that it’s sophisticated and timeless. Not only this but it’s versatile and is one of the most loved precious metals among many for good reason. To sum it up, sterling silver is an alloy made from pure silver and other trace metals. This metal has always been known to be and has been looked at as precious and valuable. It’s also historically been associated with both wealth and status. Pure silver isn’t quite strong and durable enough to be worn as jewelry so a stronger metal had to be introduced to the equation. In fact, sterling silver is one of the most commonly used metals in high-end and high-quality jewelry and accessories today.

Determine the Quality

When choosing sterling silver jewelry, you should first determine its quality and confirm that it’s stamped with 925, meaning it's 92.5% pure silver. The issue with pieces that have less silver content than that is that they may lose their color and luster over time. A good example of sterling silver is these Sterling silver rings that have both a bold design and contain a unique personality. You should make a purchase from a trusted site such as Jc&unicorn so you know what you’re getting. Try to read reviews and scour the site for feedback to notice if there are any imperfections to be aware of. You want clasps and Sterling silver earrings posts to be strong and ensure the Sterling silver necklaces won’t kink.

Factor in Your Style

You should also consider and factor in your style when choosing sterling silver jewelry for yourself. It comes in a variety of styles just like the clothing you buy and wear. If you want everyday pieces that go with everything then you might opt for classic hoops, Sterling silver bracelets that are bangles, or a simple silver chain. There are also many sterling silver pieces that you can buy that will contain a pop of color to help you make a statement. You can choose between big and bold pieces that stand out or more sentimental items that aren’t as loud.  

Shop Around for Interchangeable Pieces

Another important element when thinking through everything you need to know about choosing sterling silver jewelry is to shop for interchangeable items. For instance, instead of buying several necklaces with charms, you can choose to buy one chain and change out the pendants. Another idea is to buy rings that you can stack all on one finger or spread out among your hands. Some bracelets come with charms that you can wear or remove or add. You’ll find you have many options of jewelry pieces to wear without having to spend a lot of money.

Consider Buying Online

You might also be curious about your buying options when it comes to selecting sterling silver jewelry. Now that you’re informed of what to look for, it may be most convenient and affordable to shop online. Readily available collections that are both beautiful and unique such as what JCunicorn has to offer might be your best option since it’s a chance to stand apart from the crowd. No matter where you buy your sterling silver jewelry from, you should always understand the return policy just in case you want to send it back. Take time to research the website and customer reviews in detail so you know what to expect and can get some insights as to what might be the best and most popular pieces.

Keeping the Jewelry Nice

After making a purchase, you should work on keeping your sterling silver jewelry and pieces looking nice. Remember that silver can tarnish so it’s important that you invest in a good silver jewelry cleaner that you can use to help them maintain their beauty. Store your jewelry in a safe place so you know where to find them and they can remain in good shape when you’re not wearing them.

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