3 Ways Why Silver Jewelry Is Better Than Gold


There are many reasons why silver jewelry is better than gold. Silver is less toxic to human beings, it's more affordable than gold, and you will never get bored of silver jewelry. Instead of spending thousands on a single piece of gold jewelry that you'll get bored with after a few years, try an affordable piece of silver today!

Silver is more affordable than gold.

Silver is also a better investment than gold. Silver prices have been rising and are expected to continue doing so in the future, whereas gold prices can be volatile at times. Silver jewelry is a great asset to have because it will always retain its value.

As far as versatility, silver jewelry can look just as good with a formal outfit as it does with jeans or shorts! It’s also more durable than gold or platinum, which makes it ideal for everyday wear.

Silver is less toxic to human beings.

Silver is less toxic to human beings. Silver jewelry, such as silver rings and bracelets, is not toxic as gold jewelry. Silver can be worn by people with allergies to other metals like nickel.

Gold also has a higher rate of allergic reactions than other metals, especially for those who are sensitive to it in its raw form (gold nuggets).

Silver does not tarnish easily like gold does; therefore, you don't have to worry about your silver jewelry looking dull or discolored over time. Therefore, if you're looking for something that won't require frequent maintenance or polishing then go with silver!

Another reason why many people prefer wearing silver instead of gold is because it's cheaper than gold but still looks just as nice on them! If you're looking for something affordable then check out some great deals here at Jewelry By Design today!

You will never get bored of silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry is more versatile than gold. Silver jewelry is a staple in anyone's closet because it can be worn with anything, and any outfit. You don't have to worry about pairing the right pieces together when you wear silver jewelry; they go with everything!

Silver jewelry is also great for those who want a classic look but don’t want to spend a lot of money on their accessories. A simple pair of silver earrings or necklace can be worn everyday and won’t draw attention away from your clothes or makeup!

Instead of gold, try silver for something fashionable and unique.

If you're looking for something fashionable and unique, silver is the way to go. As opposed to gold, it’s much less expensive and thus more affordable for most people. It also has a lower toxicity level which means you will be able to wear it longer without any negative effects on your health.

Silver is more durable than gold; it doesn't scratch as easily so if you want something that will last longer than just a few years then silver is definitely the way to go here as well. Finally, we all know how popular trends come and go but there's nothing trendy about buying an old-fashioned metal like gold when there are so many other options available out there (not even mentioning how expensive it can be).


If you’re looking for something affordable, unique and stylish, then silver jewelry is the way to go. It is also less toxic than gold so you don't have to worry about how it will affect your body in the long run. Silver has been used as a material for thousands of years by cultures all over the world for many reasons including its beauty as well as its durability which makes it perfect for everyday use too!

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