Styling Tips: 5 ways about how to wear headbands?


Headbands are always a great way to add some extra style to your outfit. They can be worn in so many ways, that they make it easy for you to change up your look without having to buy all new clothes. Here are 5 different ways on how to wear headbands:

Boho Vibes

  • How to wear headbands in boho vibes:

To achieve a bohemian look, you can wear them with your hair down and let it flow, or tie your hair back in a ponytail and use the headband to hold it together. You can also wear them on top of your head like a crown or bandana. If you're going for an edgier look, try wearing a more colorful scarf as a headband!

  • How to wear headbands with a hat:

If you're wearing one of those large wide brimmed hats that are trending right now (we love them!), then this is an easy way to keep all your hair out of sight while still looking stylish! If not then just tuck everything into the hat instead of putting on another accessory altogether!

Knotted Headband

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your messy bun or add some extra flair to your everyday ponytail, try wearing a knotted headband! This simple style can give your look an extra dose of personality. To get started, simply tie the ends of your headband in a knot around the base of your hair. (It should be snug enough that it doesn't fall out.) You can then wear it as is—or pair it with other accessories like earrings and necklaces! As far as styling goes: make sure that you avoid pulling on both sides at once since this could pull out some of the knots and make them come undone. If you want even more versatility with this look, consider choosing one that's made from fabric rather than elastic so that its ties aren't visible under certain hairstyles.

A Printed Headband

A printed headband is a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. You can wear it with any type of outfit, from casual or dressy. It’s also great for summer and winter!

To get the most out of this trend, try pairing your printed headband with some beautiful earrings or statement necklace pieces in shades that complement your hair color.


  • Texture. Headbands are a great way to add texture to your look! You can do this by using different materials, colors, and patterns.

  • Materials. Materials such as velvet, leather and lace all have their own unique textures that can be used in headbands.

  • Colors & Patterns: You can also add texture with your headband by using color or pattern combinations that stand out from the rest of your outfit for maximum impact!

Double Up

If you're looking for a way to add volume to your hair, the double-up technique will do the trick.

To do this look, take one headband and wrap it around your head so that it's in front of the other ear. Then take another headband and place it on top of the first one so that there are two layers of fabric on top of each other. This creates an interesting effect where you have an illusion of volume (there isn't much volume in reality but let's pretend there is).

In addition to adding volume, this styling trick also works great when trying to make a bun!

5 ways about how to wear headbands?

Headbands are great for adding a pop of color to your look, and they can be worn in so many ways. They're also an easy way to take up any volume in your hair if it's not looking as good as usual. Plus, they're great for keeping your bangs out of your face if you're not feeling like dealing with them that day.

  • Wear headbands with your hair up! A lot of people wear headbands with their hair down, but sometimes the best way is actually with it up! It's a fun way to switch things up and keep yourself from getting bored. Make sure you choose one that matches the texture/color of your hair so it doesn't stand out too much (or match too closely).

  • Wear them under hats! If you have long bangs like me and hate how they get caught on hats when I try wearing them around town or at work, this tip is for YOU! Just put the hat on first, then put on the headband overtop; no need to worry about anything getting tangled or messed up at all! Even better news: this trick works even better if both pieces are made from fabric instead - guess what? When I find myself needing something fancy enough for a date night but also comfortable enough for everyday life? This happens every time."


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